Originally founded in 1961 by the firm’s residential and commercial building founder Jimmie Lee Perryman, Sr. in Evergreen, Alabama, the philosophy was simple; a quality job performed by quality people always counts. This straightforward philosophy, he would later say, was the source from which his company successes would grow, from generation to generation.  The business allowed people to cultivate themselves in order to build their own dreams.  The original business inspired employees to start their own businesses, encouraged the creation of new businesses, developed relationships with subcontractors, and influenced families sending their children to college for the first time.

Today, Perryman Building and Construction Services, Inc. is a commercial general construction and construction management services firm reestablished for business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a tribute to the family’s small business success, opportunity development, and contribution to the community.

Under the leadership of second generation President and CEO, Angelo R. Perryman, Mr. Perryman expanded upon the original services of Jimmie Lee Perryman by adding industrial, pharmaceutical, historic restoration, and commercial sectors to the Perryman Building and Construction portfolio.  In addition his experience and the experience of the Perryman team brings years of know how in the management of complex projects.  Perryman Building and Construction Services, Inc. has completed over 1000 projects over the last 10 years to become a vital contributor to the mid-Atlantic region.

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